Conquer Dental Fear or Anxiety

Sedation Dentistry

Dental Arts of Plano takes pride in offering options to address your anxieties with dental operations. It is only normal to feel nervous and uncomfortable around doctors or inside a medical facility. Almost half of the country’s population is afraid of seeing a dentist, let alone undergoing dental treatment.

Plano sedation dentistry resolves anxieties and ensures smooth dental procedures. Our practice offers Conscious Oral Sedation, which uses oral sedatives to calm you. You can stay conscious throughout the operation without feeling a thing. You may also fall asleep and not remember anything while you were sitting on the dental chair.

Dental Arts of Plano offers a secure and caring environment where you can receive the treatment you need. Drs. Han and Buttyan and their dentistry team are professional and friendly. Have the confidence that your emotional needs will be addressed. We have the compassion and commitment you need to make the most out of your treatment and ensure the results you need.

What to Expect from Conscious Oral Sedation

It is safe. People are more comfortable with this kind of sedative than with inhalation and intravenous types. You only need to take a small pill an hour prior to your dental procedure. Have someone accompany you to our practice because you may start to feel drowsy before you even arrive.

It works. You will feel relaxed throughout your procedure. You will have little or no memory of the experience. You may even fall asleep. Most patients will not remember a thing – not even the smells and sounds inside the practice.  You need a companion throughout the session because the sedatives are still in effect after the procedure is done.

Dental Arts of Plano offers dental sedation services for your convenience. If you are looking for an understanding dentist, our very own Drs. Han and Buttyan have the experience and expertise you need. Our solutions work even if your body is prone to resisting anesthesia. Schedule an appointment now and have the confidence that your session will go as smoothly as possible.